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Muslim talking friends – not your average dolls December 13, 2012

What is it?

Aamina the Muslim talking doll, girl version

Yousuf the Muslim talking doll, boy version

What’s the price?

RM199 including postage nationwide

Where to buy it?

Simply contact us, yeay!

What are the special features?

  • There are 5 pressable spots – the nose, the 2 hands and 2 feet
  • When pressed, the dolls would say different Islamic phrases, recite surahs and sing several songs
  • Approximately 43 cm in height and 25 cm in width
  • Watch Aamina in action here


When you think of dolls, I bet the first thing you’ll think of is a Barbie doll, with the slim body, blue eyes and blond hair. Not only Barbie dolls are far too showy for Muslims, I’ve read that they portray bad body image for a girl. It tells a girl, that in order to be pretty, you need to have a pencil thin body just like Barbie, which I think is completely untrue. True beauty comes from the inside, not just a pretty face and a one-size fits all body shape.

This is the first time ever that I’ve come across a Muslim doll that covers up the female aurat properly. It gets better – these dolls talk in  adorable voices when you press the 5 points on the body i.e. the nose, the 2 hands and 2 feet. My kids’ favourite is definitely the nose; press it and it’ll say “Atchoo! Alhamdulillah.” See Aamina in action here.

The dolls say various Islamic phrases, with translation of the phrases such as Bismillah, Assalamualaikum and many others. They recite 2 surahs with translations – Surah al Fatihah and Surah Al Ikhlas. They also sing nursery ryhmes that have been changed into Muslim versions.

What I like about it

I love these dolls, especially Aamina, which I think is a perfect companion for young children. My daughter couldn’t stop smiling when I first gave her the doll, cradling her like a baby, pressing the nose again and again. She has already begin to hum along with the songs and repeat the phrases.

What I don’t like about it

The price is quite expensive, as these dolls are imported from UK. And I think that Yousuf’s lips are too bright, as if he’s wearing lipstick. Heh.


While I agree that they are a bit pricey, I think it’s a worthwhile investment and great way to incorporate learning through play. It sure beats Barbie a mile long, though.


4 Responses to “Muslim talking friends – not your average dolls”

  1. Turab Says:

    Where and how can I contact you to purchase the doll, my present contact in china is +8613116896976 mr. Turab Khakoo.

    • zil_aziz Says:

      Hi there, are you from Malaysia? I’m currently opening a pre-order for these dolls. You can also email me at

      • i sell aamina and yousuf and other Islamic is the largest seller of Islamic dols with over 750 different dollls in the world.we also have the most choices of Islamic doll handmade clothes with hijab with over 200 different outfits.we are also a charity site so by shopping here you not only get great gifts you help Muslims in need the world over.we have over 2,700 products.

      • zil_aziz Says:

        Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve just given birth to my 3rd child a month ago, so I was a little preoccupied, trying to to get the hang of entertaining 2 kids & a baby. Do you sell in bulk/wholesale? If so, how much margin do you put on wholesale purchases? As I’m in Malaysia, I am a little apprehensive about the shipping costs, which could push up the selling price considerably. Feel free to contact me at


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