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Speller Junior July 3, 2012

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What is it?

Speller Junior

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • One simple game that encourages many skills
  • Encourages bonding time with your child
  • Lightweight and portable


The game contained the Speller Junior game tray, 30 picture/word cards with 3- and 4-letter words (printed on both sides, so there are 60 pictures in total) and 8 letter cubes. The plastic tray holds the card, with four slots to fill in the letter cubes to spell the word as in the picture on the specific card. Each card has a 3-letter word on one side and a 4-letter word on the other side.

Besides teaching how to spell, the Speller Junior gives a number of other skills for a child to practice with:

  • Object and word recognition – The child recognizes the object on the card and the word for that object, a preparation for reading readiness.
  • Letter recognition and matching – To spell a word, the child must be able to recognize the letter or alphabet. This would also enable the child the find the letter on the cubes to match the letters on the card.
  • Concentration and memory – The child glances at the picture and the word, then flip the Word Cover over the word. The child is no longer matching the letters, but is actually spelling the whole word from memory.
  • Taking turns, sharing and playing together – The game can be varied for 2 players or more. Children take turns spelling the words on the cards. The player who spells correctly – you can play by letter matching for young children and spelling from memory for older kids – keeps the card. The person who has more cards in the end, wins.

What I like about it

There are countless games of this nature online, some are downloadable for free. You can just download some games, hand over your laptop or Ipad to your child, and he could play it to his heart’s content and you could have some peace and quiet. That’s the beauty of a traditional game; it encourages you to sit down, spend some time together and socialize.

I also like the portability of it. It’s small and lightweight, easy to be stashed in a plastic bag or container, so you can bring it for travels.

What I don’t like about it

It would be nice if the game included a carrying case, but that would, of course, increase the price. You can easily find your own casing for it, no big deal.


A good tool for some family bonding time and fun learning. That’s a major benefit for RM29. Buy this and make your own family game night.


LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar April 30, 2012

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What is it?

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • 4 learning modes – letter names, letter sounds, colours & music
  • Comes with a pull string, when pulled, the caterpillar sings the ABC song
  • Flashing antennae, silly giggle & zigzag walk


The first thing that attracts me to this toy is the vibrant colours. Apart from the body itself, which comes in bright green or deep purple, the 26 legs comes it colourful shoes, each of them can be pressed to make sounds. Even the voice is cute & bubbly, just like a real kid.

Letter names – says the names of the letters i.e. A, B, C and so on

Letter sounds – pronounces the sounds of each letter, A (ei) B (bi) C (si) and so on

Colours – says the colour of the legs pressed i.e. blue, green, red & yellow

Music – a different melody for each individual leg. That’s 26 melodies!

There is volume control just behind its head, and another big button of a bug lounging on its back, that when pressed, also sings the ABC song. The pull string is good in encouraging babies to walk, seeing the caterpillar trail behind them.

What I like about it

The caterpillar is a straightforward & simple toy, but its sturdiness is amazing. All I can say is that it is built to withstand a toddler’s manhandling. My kids’ caterpillar had withstood pretty much all tests – being thrown around, being stepped on, being kicked (poor thing), being pulled by two toddlers. All its pretty legs are still functional. Just don’t let them throw it into the bathroom sink!

Additionally, the wheels underneath the caterpillar is put a little off centre, making it inch along zigzag like an inch worm, which is really adorable.

What I don’t like about it

The cute and bubbly voice gets really annoying when pressed too many times. I mean, how many times can you listen to the ABC song anyway? Kids learn by repetition anyway. So if the caterpillar’s singing the ABC song nonstop, just stuff your ears and walk away.

The pull string is rather short. For young toddlers, it might be adequate length. But older, taller toddlers might need to stoop and bend their bodies a little in order to be able to pull the caterpillar behind them. It makes more sense for the manufacturer to attach a longer or maybe adjustable string.


A simple toy which seems quite expensive for its simple functionality. Buy it if you don’t mind listening to the ABC song 100 times a day.