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What Floats? – a Baby Einstein book June 28, 2012

What is it?

What Floats? – a Baby Einstein book

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • Made of PVC with foam filling
  • Waterproof and can be crumpled up without losing its shape
  • Suitable even for newborns


This was a much-loved book by my kids (you can see the yellowed stains and some pencil scribbles on it) and was one of the first books I bought for my daughter when she was about one year old. The book is made of polyurethane foam covered with PVC and has 5 pages.

The illustrations are vibrant and colourful enough for a young infant to gaze at and simple enough for a toddler to understand; the animals, the surrounding lake, forest and sea. The rhyming word i.e. words that have sounds in common, are pleasing to speak and easy on the ears of a young child. Rhymes are fun to speak in and to listen to, (just try and read one of Dr Seuss’s books and you’ll see why) and makes it easy for one to remember. Most children learned a nursery rhyme without even knowing what the words meant.

Even so, beneath the simple pictures and easy words, there are lessons to be learned. Each page shows the creatures or items that float – from the smallest bubble, an alligator, a turtle on a big log, a kitten & a puppy in a canoe and the biggest of all, the family of lions aboard a ship.

The last page leaves you with a question, that, I can guarantee, most non-genius people like myself, would Google up to find the answer. How can a heavy ship floats, and a pebble sinks?

What I like about it

I think it’s wonderful that such a simple book with rhymes can teach quite a few things, not only to children, but to the parents as well. The first question your child would ask is “What does float means?” Such a teeny tiny book, but already incorporates science into it in a subtle and fun way.

There are also some ideas printed on the back of the book that parents could apply with their own children.

The book is made of PVC with foam on the inside, so it’s waterproof. Short of cutting it up with scissors or put it on fire, the book is pretty much durable and toddler proof. Take it with you when bathing your little one and you can show him how the book itself floats.

What I don’t like about it

Can’t seem to find any.


A tiny book with big knowledge for curious little minds. This would make a great addition to a kid’s library or collection of bath toys.