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Adventures with Dora and Diego – puzzle activity board book June 24, 2012

What is it?

Adventures with Dora and Diego – puzzle activity board book

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • A giant puzzle activity board book with 5 small books in the shape of puzzle pieces, featuring Dora and her friends
  • The puzzle activity board book measures at 36cm x 28.5cm. The books a.k.a. the puzzle pieces are much smaller, e.g. for the Dora book, which is the biggest among the five, measures at 17cm x 12cm.


At first glance, this book is simply fascinating. Even the cover of the book seems to call out to be opened; it has five windows that show the main characters i.e. Dora, her cousin Diego, Boots the monkey, Backpack who is Dora’s trusted companion and Baby Jaguar.

When you open the book, you can see several activity suggestions such as, “Can you find a spider?” and “Where is the baby parrot?” with a background picture of the jungle where Dora and her friends usually pass through during their adventures.

On the other page is the 5 little books puzzle pieces, each with a different short story, starring the character on the cover.

  • Dora’s book tells the story of how she first met Boots the monkey, who later became her best friend.
  • Diego’s book shows off Diego’s talent, which is, being able to talk to animals and how he is a great animal rescuer.
  • Boot’s book is about Boots helping Dora by bringing her song to her school, one she had left at home.
  • Backpack is somewhat a magic bag, and carries everything that Dora needs. It also carries Map, another important member of Dora’s expeditions.
  • Baby Jaguar’s book tells of his adventure saving his friend, Baby Bear who is trapped at the top of Big Mountain.

What I like about it

First of all, I really like board books as they are more durable than picture books, which my super-strong son could tear up in 2.5 seconds. Not to say that he couldn’t do some damage to board books by peeling off a picture or biting the edges, but they can stand more child abuse than a picture book.

There are a lot of things you could talk about in the book and the suggestions are helpful to start things off. You can talk about colours, animals and flowers, without even using the small books. Then you take out the little books, and you can see more questions such as “Where is Dora?” and “Where is Boots?” so the child could put them back one by one.

What I don’t like about it



At RM35, this book is a steal. A must have!