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A cute home for your Ipad (or Galaxy Tab, or Galaxy SIII or Iphone 4s. You choose.) July 18, 2012

What is it?

Handmade, customized gadget pouches

What’s the price?

Price will depend on the gadget & size of pouch, but the general pricing guideline is:

  • RM35 for Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung Galaxy Note
  • RM45 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
  • RM55 for Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 inch
  • RM65 for laptop as for my 14” Sony Vaio laptop

There will be additional charges if you want to add extra inches for more space in your pouch.

Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • Handmade using imported fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics LLC
  • Beautiful fabric designs
  • Choose your own fabric, ribbon colour for the short strap, even the colour of your flap cover


Looking at photos of the pouches, it was truly love at first sight. The fabrics designs are so adorable! I’ve always loved handcrafted or hand-sewn stuff and I absolutely envy those people who have natural talent for handmade crafts (because I have no talent in this area, at all). I have been window shopping for these kind of stuff on Etsy, but most of the makers are in US, therefore they sell in US dollars, so when converted into RM, becomes quite pricey. And that doesn’t even include postage yet, which can sometimes be equal to or more expensive than the item’s price itself.

So it’s really exciting to stumble upon a Malaysian crafter, who turned out to be a friend to my old college friend, Lisa. What a small world!

FYI, the fabric for my laptop pouch is Timeless Treasure – Reu Café and the one for my handphone pouch is Zesty Zinnia. There are a variety of designs to choose from the Facebook page album, most of them rather sweet and girlish. Lisa has recently added a few ‘unisex’ designs such as Pacman and Mix Tape in Multi, which are really cute and have a retro touch to them.

As I ordered two pouches in different designs, Lisa did offer to somewhat blend them together, by using the same colour strap ribbons, flap colours and inner fabric. I’ve always loved black, red and white colour combinations, which is why I chose the Zesty Zinnia. But my favourite was the Reu Café design, which was newly added at the time I was pondering over which design to choose. I love how it seems to be a mysterious romance unfolding, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (Not that I’ve seen the movie itself, but I saw the trailer and read up the story plot on Wikipedia.)

The stitching is very neat, and I love the personal touch of adding the product tab with the slogan ‘Handmade Rocks!’, an excellent branding tool. I also love the little dangling zipper charm shaped like a house, which adds to the overall uniqueness. As a daily train commuter, the zipped up compartment in the handphone pouch is very useful for me to put it my train pass, my earphones, a pocket tissue and small change for taxi rides. For the laptop pouch zipped up compartment, I put in some recipes I printed out from the internet, a magazine or sometimes a favourite book.

Lisa also included a long ribbon strap with the laptop pouch that you can alternate for the short ribbon strap, so you can wear it as a sling bag.

What I like about it

The designs are a key highlight in the pouches, and when matched up with the colourful ribbon straps, the item is no longer just a pouch – it becomes a really fashionable accessory. And at less than RM100, a very affordable fashion accessory.

What I don’t like about it

Nothing about the pouches, but it would be nice to have some padding in the long straps. Carrying an Ipad may not be much, but carrying a laptop for a long time could tire out your shoulder.


Love, love, love! Get it while it’s hot, girls!