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Muqaddam Bergambar – a fully illustrative Muqaddam October 1, 2012

What is it?

Muqaddam Bergambar – a fully illustrative Muqaddam

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

Simply contact us, yeay!

What are the special features?

  • A full version of the Muqaddam with multi-coloured pages and translated into 3 versions: Malay, English and Jawi
  • Illustrative animations briefly describing the contents of a specific surah, to attract and build interest in young children to learn and read the Quran


The Muqaddam contains 37 surahs or passages that are combined into the last Juzu’ in the Quran, the 30th Juzu’. It is commonly used as the introductory learning of the Quran to the young, as the surahs are shorter and easier to read compared to other more complicated and longer surahs.

I’ve listed down the names of the surahs and the meanings in Malay and English, because sometimes the meaning is a little confusing in Malay, and is clarified better in English, and vice versa.

The list of the surahs is as below:

  1. An-Nabaa (Berita Besar – The Great News)
  2. An-Naazi’aat (Makhluk-makhluk yang mencabut apa yang ditugaskan mencabutnya – Those who Pull Out)
  3. ‘Abasa (Ia Memasamkan Muka – He Frowned)
  4. At-Takwir (Melingkari – Wound Round and Lost its Light)
  5. Al-Infitaar (Terbelah – The Cleaving)
  6. Al-Mutaffiffiin (Orang-orang yang curang dalam timbangan dan sukatan – Those who deal in Fraud)
  7. Al-Insyiqaq (Terbelah – The Splitting Asunder)
  8. Al-Buruj (Tempat-tempat peredaran Bintang – The Big Stars)
  9. At-Thaariq (Bintang yang menembusi Cahayanya – The Night Comer)
  10. Al A’laa (Yang Maha Tinggi – The Most High)
  11. Al-Ghaashiyah (Hari Kiamat yang meliputi Huru-Haranya – The Overwhelming)
  12. Al-Fajr (Fajar – The Break of the Dawn)
  13. Al-Balad (Negeri – The City)
  14. Asy-Syams (Matahari –The Sun)
  15. Al-Laiil (Malam – The Night)
  16. Ad-Dhuha (Waktu Dhuha – The Forenoon ‘After Sunrise’)
  17. Ash-Sharh (Perihal Melapangkan Dada Nabi – The Opening Forth)
  18. At-Tiin (Buah Tiin – The Fig)
  19. Al-Alaq (Darah Beku – The Clot)
  20. Al-Qadr (Kemuliaan – The Night of Decree)
  21. Al-Baiinah (Bukti yang jelas nyata – The Clear Evidence)
  22. Az-Zalzalah (Gegaran – The Earthquake)
  23. Al-A’diyat (Kuda Perang yang Tangkas Larinya – Those That Run)
  24. Al-Qaari’ah (Hari Kiamat – The Striking Hour)
  25. At-Takaathur (Bermegah-megah – The Emulous Desire)
  26. Al-Asr (Masa – The Time)
  27. Al-Humazah (Pengumpat – The Slanderer)
  28. Al-Fiil (Gajah – The Elephant)
  29. Al-Quraisy (Suku Quraisy – Quraisy)
  30. Al-Maa’uun (Barang Berguna – The Small Kindness)
  31. Al-Kautsar (Nikmat yang Banyak – A River in Paradise)
  32. Al-Kaafiruun (Orang-orang Kafir – The Disbelievers)
  33. An-Nasr (Pertolongan – The Help)
  34. Al-Masad (Tali yang dipintal – The Palm Fibre)
  35. Al-Ikhlas (Pemurnian Keesaan Allah – The Purity)
  36. Al-Falaq (Waktu Subuh – The Day Break)
  37. An-Nass (Manusia – The Mankind)


What I like about it

I don’t know about you, but reading the meaning of the titles alone could stir my heart and instill fear. In 37 short passages, it shows how very complete the Quran in guiding us in every aspect of our lives. There is even a surah about a person who frowns. This should be THE life guide for every Muslim.

This pictorial Muqaddam is not only beneficial for young children learning to read the Quran, but also suitable for anyone who is trying to get a deeper understanding of the Quran, the introductive way. This would definitely get one to search further into the Quran, which is what every Muslim should aim to do.

What I don’t like about it



At RM15, the pictorial Muqaddam is a wealth of knowledge, worth every single sen. A must-have in every household.


Illustrative/pictorial Muqaddam RM15 September 7, 2012

A simple and proper way to introduce the Quran to young children, with bright & colourful illustrations, without forgetting the primary contents & translation in English.