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Olmitos Baby Music Car Potty May 28, 2012

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What is it?

Olmitos Baby Music Car Potty

What’s the price?


Where to buy it?

What are the special features?

  • Bright colours that are simply eye-catching
  • Made of lightweight plastic, makes it easy to bring along while travelling
  • Can be disassembled to be placed on adult toilet seat


Frankly speaking, there are a lot of potty trainers out there. For something to be pooped in, I prefer not to spend too much money on it. Most imported brands potties cost around RM80-200, which seemed ridiculous to me. As long as it functions well i.e. the child could sit on it safely and go, I wouldn’t mind looking for its cheaper counterparts.

For such an adorable looking potty, this one is definitely a steal. The brightly coloured car-shaped potty is simply too cute to resist. The red wheels do turn – so beware! Your kids might want to play around in the car instead of poop in it! That was exactly what happened to me – my daughter wouldn’t let it inside the bathroom because she doesn’t want it to get wet. I had to explain to her the purpose of the potty – to poop and pee in, of course.

There’s a small white button at the back near the lid, which plays music when pressed. There’s also a toilet paper roller underneath the seat, meaning you have to disassemble it to put in the toilet paper. The poop collector, the little orange bowl can be taken out to be cleaned. For parents that feel that’s too icky for you, you can disassemble the car, take the toilet seat and put it on your toilet seat.

What I like about it

The price is wallet friendly, which is the most important part for me. But I also loved the whole cute car look. The potty is made from lightweight plastic, so it’s easy to take apart for cleaning and easy to carry around while travelling in the car. If you want, you can even take the toilet seat with you in airplane trips. It is still compact enough for storage purpose – underneath the sink or even up on a shelf. Be careful though; when wet, it could slip off the shelf and knock someone on the head.

What I don’t like about it

Nothing major on the cons. I can’t figure out if the potty uses batteries for the music. One day the music’s there, the other day it’s gone all quiet. Doesn’t really matter, though. You could always encourage your child to sing by herself, like Boo in Monsters Inc. (Boo is so adorable!!)

Boo singing in the toilet

Another tiny hitch, assembling the potty back again (the seat and the bottom part) is a tiny bit bothersome. It’s not difficult really, just bothersome to attach it back together.


Adorable, does its job well, and doesn’t break the bank. What’s not to love?